10% of all profits go to The Ocean Cleanup

What We Do

What we do

Created with a purpose, we contribute to cleaner oceans, free from man made waste and pollutants. ECOCEAN works to bring you products of high quality, that when used will reduce plastic usage, and get us back to an Eco Ocean.


How we help

ECOCEAN assists those who have goals aligned with ours. To do this, 10% of all profits are donated to one of the charities and organisations that we believe are working hard for our oceans. We work with a number of different charities and not for profit organisations.


How you can help

All of our products are of high quality, to ensure that they can continue to be reused, and that your purchase of single use plastics is decreased. By doing your part and avoiding single use plastics, we hope that in the future we will achieve our goal of an Eco Ocean.