10% of all profits go to The Ocean Cleanup

The Sea Bin Project

An amazingly innovative project, that has the oceans best interests at heart! 

"It all started from a passion for the oceans and the hard realisation that human over consumption and waste mismanagement was killing nature’s best jewel, which also happen to regulate our world’s operation to an extent we are only starting to understand.

This is how, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, two avid surfers, decided to quit their jobs to create a “Seabin” that would collect trash, oil, fuel and detergents.

The Seabin Project is far more than a product, our ultimate goal is to
have pollution free oceans for our future generations.
To get there we are working to make the Seabin better and better and available to the maximum number of places. Also, educating and raising awareness to be able to one day live in a world where pollution devices are not needed."

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