10% of all profits go to The Ocean Cleanup

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The Sea Bin Project

An amazingly innovative project, that has the oceans best interests at heart!  "It all started from a passion for the oceans and the hard realisation that human over consumption and waste mismanagement was killing nature’s best jewel, which also happen to regulate our world’s operation to an extent we are only starting to understand. This is how, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, two avid surfers, decided to quit their jobs to create a “Seabin” that would collect trash, oil, fuel and detergents. The Seabin Project is far more than a product, our ultimate goal is to have pollution free oceans for our future generations. To get there we are working to make the Seabin better and better and available to...

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Return & Earn

Drink container litter makes up 44% of the volume of all litter in NSW, and costs over $150 Million to manage.  Here at ECOCEAN we try and avoid the use of plastics altogether, but we are aware of certain situations where it may be used. In this unavoidable situations, make sure to recycle your plastic bottles, to help us in our goal of achieving an ECOCEAN.  Under Return & Earn, most empty 150ml - 3L drink containers are available for a 10c refund at your local Return & Earn location. Not only are you earning money for recycling that can be claimed and used later, more importantly you are helping save our oceans.  Return & Earn: https://returnandearn.org.au/

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A modern solution to the climate crisis?

Today, the influence of social media users, both celebrity and otherwise has a real impact on perception. But what if that could be used for the better. Well it looks as though writer and rapper 'Lil Dicky' has done just that, by releasing his humours musical take on the climate crisis, featuring an array of todays most well known and influential singers and artists.  Something as simple as listening and streaming this video now has the power to create real change - which we are all for at ECOCEAN! Follow the link below to watch and listen to the video, as well as to learn more about the climate criss, and to donate to the cause.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvuN_WvF1to

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School Strike For Climate

March 15th, a Global Climate Strike will took place in over 98 countries; 1325 places around the world. People from Schools, University's, work places and more will walk out and march, to let politicians know they are not happy with the way our world is heading. Here at ECOCEAN, we support the School Strike for Climate. "In Australia, education is viewed as immensely important, and a key way to make a difference in the world. But simply going to school isn’t doing anything about climate change. And it doesn’t seem that our politicians are doing anything, or at least not enough, about climate change either. So, as our contribution to the changes we want to see, we are striking from school....

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