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Ecocean Tip #4

Ever bought yourself a coffee on the way to work, uni or anywhere that requires  a bit of a pick me up? But been annoyed at the non-reusable nor recyclable options you have when it comes to carrying your coffee?  Why not get a keep cup?  Normally, we find that the reason for the biggest hesitation is cost. Well, thanks to the responsible cafe scheme, there are actually cafes that will offer a discount if you give your keep cup to them when ordering your coffee.  Want to find a cafe near you that's on board with reducing their plastic? Follow the link below: https://responsiblecafes.org/ Save money, AND the oceans; all while drinking your favourite beverage! Going plastic free has...

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Ecocean Tip #3

The Big 4, and ways to get rid of single use plastics! When referring to single use plastics, we at ECOCEAN recognise the Big 4 contributors; bottles, straws, coffee cups and their lids, and bags. Today our tip is to help eliminate plastic bottles from your life.  Studies have been done that suggest the water in bottled water is by no means a more neutral pH, nor lower in fluoride, or of better quality than good old Australian tap water. Then why the average $4 price for bottled water? The plastic! Want to help reduce your footprint? AND save yourself money in the long run! Buy a reusable metal or glass bottle and fill er' up!

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Ecocean Tip #2

A type of waste that people forget about despite spending approximately 7 hrs a day using it. E-Waste! The importance of recycling E-waste is often forgotten, but old phones and computers can carry precious finite materials, that if recycled reduce the need for mining and destruction of our beautiful planet. Look up your local E-waste recycling spot and send your old phones to Mobile Muster to help get us back to an ECOCEAN. Mobile Muster Website: https://www.mobilemuster.com.au/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwxbzdBRCoARIsACzIK2kzvbzH7rznaceWQcflWUCZDqCwSQBs7yPm1QPwtZdfishNKmjWggQaAlMOEALw_wcB

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Ecocean Tip #1

Turn off the tap while brushing! Did you know a running tap can waste 12 litres of water in just two minutes. By turning off the tap while brushing your teeth and using a cup you can do your bit to reduce the amount of water you use. Every drop counts! See you next week ECOCEAN crew!

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