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Great Barrier Reef Trip

This past week I (Sophia) was lucky enough to visit the Great Barrier Reef in FNQ, and not only was it vast and incredible, it was eye opening for a variety of reasons. I saw healthy sections of the reef, bursting with life and texture. Versus areas that suffered repeated coral bleaching in 2016 and 2017, dull and 'dusty'. 

I went aboard Wavelength, a boat with experienced marine biologists that gave guided snorkel tours and reef talks, with a focus on conservation and education. If you're ever in Queensland, I recommend these guys, they were great! find them here ---> https://www.wavelength.com.au/

Below are some of my favourite images from that day, hope you enjoy them!

I saw a huge variety of fish species, going about their daily lives, like this huge parrot fish.

I was lucky enough to swim with a turtle, she was clam and slow. The Marine biologists on board our board had affectionately named her scratchy, as she loved just that from them. 

And I saw everyones favourite funny fish, the clown fish (Nemo).